After wrapping on a sci-fi feature film, the DP and sound man Morgan and Cricket head to Idaho to film a new paranormal research reality TV show called Spirit Seekers, filmed at a remote ranch location 30 miles from the nearest town. Things go awry when one of the hosts falls to her death mysteriously and the production seems doomed. When it's revealed the producer indeed has his own motives and planned the death, the crew must try and stay alive. However, their ghost expert Dr. Fairfax now fears the death of the host has indeed awoken real supernatural spirits whom are hell bent on their own revenge. It seems all the human souls are being targeted by supernatural forces, and everyone will be forced to muster their courage and their years of movie magic knowledge to survive the night.
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   (2013 )      Rating: UnRated      Run Time: 94 Mins
Doug Jones Michael Chandler Robert Picardo Michael Dorn Zack Ward
Danielle James Davina Joy Hillary Lowe Dick Spenneberg Justin T. Woods
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