Beyond Desire
Rita is a sexy call girl in a red Corvette convertible who just met Ray. Ray is an ex-con just released after serving 14 years for a killing he claims he was framed for. When these two get together, sparks fly and temperatures rise. But Ray has a reason not to trust Rita - $1 million has been stashed somewhere in Las Vegas and Ray knows everyone wants it almost as much as they want him dead. When everyone has a hidden agenda, who do you trust?
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   (1995 )      Rating: R      Run Time: 87 Mins
William Forsythe Kari Wuhrer Leo Rossi Sharon Farrell Billy Bastiani
Dennis Hayden Fred Doumani Jr. Natalya Lapina Russell Gannon Tina Catharina Antman
Texas Female Sex Offenders
Texas Female Sex Offenders
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Florida Female Sex Offenders
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