I Witness
Jim Rhodes is a human rights worker in Tijuana for a few days to make sure that union elections are fair at a maquiladora owned by a U.S. corporation. In quick succession, the police assault the strikers, the bodies of 27 peasants turn up in an abandoned tunnel that has caved in, and two U.S. teen bikers are missing. As Rhodes pokes around and speculates on connections among these events, he's beaten up, warned off by a drug dealer's attorney, and given varying degrees of help by the U.S. State Department rep, the U.S. Trade rep, and an honest local cop. It's always about money, but whose is at stake and how cheap is Rhodes's life?
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   (2003 )      Rating: UnRated      Run Time: 98 Mins
Jeff Daniels James Spader Portia de Rossi Clifton Collins Jr. Wade Williams
Mark Carlton Jordi Caballero Adriano Gonzalez Pablo Cunqueiro Rest of cast listed alphabetically:
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